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Cupcakewurst Is the Best Cupcake-Filled Sausage in Town

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 21, 2012

Mmmm… all geeks can appreciate a good slab of meat. While bacon is usually the first choice among us techies, and bacon plus cheese plus bacon is a close second, sausage is always appreciated at my annual Tetris/Cosplay/Steampunk/Apple fest. (Yes, I have one of those, and no, you’re not invited. This is the internet – for all I know, you could be an evil cat who feeds on happiness. Like most cats.) The Cupcakewurst combines the best of the best into one delicious treat: sausage casing filled with baked cupcake batter, put on a sliced open Long John, and topped with raspberry jelly.

sausage cupcake

At first look, this seems to be pretty disgusting. At second look, it seems to be still disgusting, and I am beginning to wonder whether or not I would eat it. Perhaps if we had this same setup, except without the animal parts covering my cupcake, then we’d be okay. Bacon frosting was one thing, but cupcake-filled sausages? This might be too delicious for my weak stomach mankind to handle. UP THE VOMIT BAG MANUFACTURING BY 200%! OCCUPY WALLSTREET!


Stef of Cupcake Project makes these beauties by pouring a bunch of chocolate cupcake batter into animal intestines, and then putting them on a grill. (Yep.) Ah, what the heck – I’d buy twenty, just because I like to support the geeks who are out there trying to come up with amazing food combinations. And, hey – who knows – maybe these are delicious! It’s kind of difficult, with the current technology, to taste things via the internet. It’s much easier to walk around and then lick your shoes in order to find out what the ground had stuck to it. *Licks shoe*

If you are a fan of the cupcakewurst treat, then you’ll want to check out the Meaty Mona Lisa and the Automatic Cupcake Vending Machine.

[via Foodbeast via Incredible Things]

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