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Gremlins and Gizmo Gargoyles: Let’s Hope it Doesn’t Rain

 |  |  |  |  January 26, 2013

You probably weren’t aware that a little fifteenth century Roman Catholic church called Chapelle De Bethleem has a gremlin problem. The church is hidden in the forest about 20km away from Nantes France. Probably to keep from infesting others with the beasts. You see, the church is covered in these devious creatures.

The idea of gargoyles is to scare off intruders, while protecting those that they guard from any evil or harmful spirits. This church accomplishes this in a very geeky way. But it is protected by more than just evil gremlins, and cute and cuddly Gizmo.

gargolye-gremlin 1
This church also has an Alien protecting it, just in case. Who needs God when you have all of these geeky guardians?

[Flickr via Geek-Art via Obvious Winner]