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Band-Aid Printer Could Make Custom Bandages for Just the Right Fit

 |  |  |  |  |  February 6, 2013

A while back we saw some innovative bandages which could be adjusted to fit a variety of wounds and skin colors. While these were great for carrying around in your bag, they might not fit each and every injury with precision. That’s where the Band-Aid Printer comes in.


This conceptual gadget is designed for use in hospitals and first aid rooms, and would automatically print custom bandages based on the specific needs of the patient. It’s designers Han Like, Liu Peng, Ren Mingjun, Wei Chenjie, Yang Xiao and Liu Peng of EVENdesign say that it would be a “quasi-3D printer”, but to me it looks more like some sort of custom vinyl cutter.


Another innovation of the Band-Aid printer would be the ability to alter the pigment of the bandages to blend in with the skin tone of the patient. The concept model shown here would print small bandages, but there’s no reason the concept couldn’t be applied to a larger format printer as well.

Like many cool inventions, the Band-Aid printer is still just an idea at this point, but it was a recent recipient of the reddot design award, which should give it some publicity in front of potential manufacturers and licensees.