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16-Foot Star Wars AT-ST Walker Replica: for Half-hearted Invasions

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Written by Lambert Varias | September 21, 2013

eBay seller Hollywood’s Finest is selling what it claims to be a life-size replica of the All Terrain Scout Transport aka the AT-ST aka the Ewoks’ Bitch. However it seems like Hollywood’s Finest didn’t bother looking up the canonical dimensions of the ill-advised vehicle. This replica is 16ft. tall, but the Empire requires its AT-STs to be about 28ft. high. I think the replica still looks imposing despite its height deficiency.


Hollywood’s Finest said that the replica is made from metal and wood. It appears that the trailer that it’s standing on will be included with the purchase; that’ll make it much easier for the person who buys it to haul it around. The replica can also be detached from the trailer, thanks to an integrated metal stand. The walker’s head can also be lowered between its legs using a built-in winch if you need to fit it in a smaller space.

Offer at least £9,800 (~$15,700 USD) on Hollywood’s Finest’s eBay page to get a chance at owning the AT-ST replica. Just know that your lawn gnomes won’t be afraid of taking it on.

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