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FiLIP GPS Watch Keeps Kids Safe and Parents in the Know

 |  |  |  |  |  October 8, 2013

Every parent on the planet wants their kid to be happy and well-adjusted. That means at some point early in the kid’s life you have to give them the freedom to roam and play. The problem for parents is that giving children the freedom to go places and visit friends by themselves can be very nerve-wracking. This is especially true if you’re the sort that imagines all the horrible things that could possibly happen to a child in the world alone.

To help allay some of these fears, AT&T has announced an exclusive partnership to distribute a new product that will help parents give their kids more freedom called the FiLIP.


The device is a large and colorful smart watch that has a built-in phone and GPS functionality. The watch allows parents to set zones where the kids can roam and if the child goes outside that zone, the watch will remind them that they can’t go. All of this information is available to parents via a remote smartphone app as well. The watch also has a built-in mobile phone that connects to standard cellular networks and holds five personal contacts.


The watch can dial any of those five contacts and those numbers can also call in to talk to the child. One of the best features is the emergency button that a child can press for three seconds to automatically send out a distress message to all five contacts with their GPS location. When the emergency button is pressed, the first contact is automatically called and the watch records all sounds around it. If the first contact doesn’t answer, the other contacts will be dialed.

There’s no word on exactly when you can buy the FiLIP, but you can sign up to be notified about its launch over on their website.

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