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FTL Marriage Proposal: Faster Than Love

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Written by Lambert Varias | June 23, 2014

The only thing that occurs in FTL: Faster Than Light more often than branching dialogues is agonizing defeat. So credit Redditor oft_wears_hats for using the game to propose. He made a custom patch for the game and applied it on his girlfriend’s copy while she was taking a bath. Here’s the first option that appears in oft_wears_hats’ patch:


Picking the first option – which was what oft_wears_hats’ girlfriend did – yields the proposal itself:


Fortunately, she said yes. However, if there’s one thing that FTL teaches us it’s to be prepared for unforeseen events. So oft_wears_hats made additional dialogue options in the event that his girlfriend picked no:


You can check out all of the dialogue options on oft_wears_hats’ Imgur album. Congrats guys! May your shields always be up and your clones be healthy.

[via Reddit via Kotaku]