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Edible Nacho Hat: I Want to be a Nacho Man!

 |  |  |  |  |  November 11, 2015

Take your nachos with you wherever you go with this edible hat. Just fill it up with salsa and wear it. If you get hungry, just start breaking pieces off and start eating.

Maybe you should just wear it at home, because I just had a scary thought. There’s like a one in a million chance that a bird will poop on your head, and therefore in your salsa. Best not to take chances, that’s what I say.


Anyway, this Homer Simpson inspired hat was created by Cota Froise, who loves her nachos so much that she’s willing to wear her food. Damn. Now I’m hungry for nachos. Thanks internet.

[Oddity Central and Incredible Diary via Geyser of Awesome]