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Noria Is an Ultra-compact Window Air Conditioner

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Written by Conner Flynn | April 25, 2016

Window air conditioners are something that many of us use in the summertime. They work great, but the drawback is that they take up a good amount of window space. They are also heavy and awkward to install. Well, the Noria Air Conditioner changes all of that and makes window air conditioning look sleeker too.


This good looking air conditioner measures just 5.8″ x 18.25″ x 5″ inches and weighs 30 pounds. It also slides in and out of its window mount independently. That makes it much more convenient to install or move from one room to another than a typical¬†window AC unit. It also takes up very little window space, and that means more window so you can enjoy the sun.


The Noria Air Conditioner uses a patent-pending design that allows it cram an air conditioner in such a small form.

One unit can cool rooms up to 160 square feet, with two units able to handle spaces up to 330 square feet. A single knob on the front controls everything and an app allows you to make adjustments remotely. You can get one through the Kickstarter campaign with a pledge of at least $299(USD). Further discounts are available if you order two or more Norias at the same time.

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