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An Anime Trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope

 |  |  |  September 25, 2018

Anime and Star Wars fans will definitely want to check this out. Russian animator Dmitry Grozov aka “Ahriman” created this impressive anime trailer for A New Hope. I’m not a big fan of anime myself, but no matter what style you draw Star Wars in, Star Wars rocks. I mean, you could draw Star Wars in the style of The Flintstones and it would be a hit. I mean, you could draw it in the style of Star Wars Resistance and… never mind.

Anyway, some crazy Russian created this anime video and it looks like it was all drawn by hand. So this was truly a labor of love. Love for both Star Wars and anime. And a love for Chewbacca’s awesome anime mustache. This animation style really works with John William’s sweeping score and the epic story. I would watch this movie. Although I would expect them to form Voltron at the end and when they didn’t I would be very disappointed.

The characters all look pretty cool, but I think I like the ships and the space stuff the best. You did a great job Dmitry. The force is truly with you. Next time form Voltron. I need to see that in Star Wars.

[via Geekologie]