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These Rainbow Pencils Make the Coolest Shavings

 |  |  |  December 9, 2018

Between my electronic gadgets and pens, it’s pretty rare that I use a pencil. Sure, I’ll use colored ones to fill in the occasional cool coloring book, but for the most part, the old #2 kind gets little use around here. Now, here are some pencils I’d want on my desk just because they look so cool.


Designed by Duncan Shotton, these Rainbow Pencils have a construction that’s made up out of multi-colored layers of recycled paper. As you sharpen them, the shavings that remain have a rainbow pattern on them. Naturally, the shaved portion of the pencil is rainbow-colored too, though it still only draws in dark grey graphite.


You can grab a set of five Rainbow Pencils for £6 (~$8 USD) for a 3-pack, or £10 (~$13) for a 5-pack.