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ShopPal is a Cute Robot Shopping Companion

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 7, 2019

Is the act of shopping getting a bit too lonely for you? Do you have no friends that you can take with you to the mall as you spend money? Never fear, a new friend is here. ShopPal is a robot that is designed to be your new shopping companion.

This boxy, 29″ tall robot automatically follows users around, and has colorful LED eyes, gold ears and arms to make it cute and accessible. Just push a button and you can engage ShopPal’s auto-follow mode, but when that isn’t handy you can use the robot’s handle to carry it. It’s ears flip open to reveal a large compartment inside to store items you’ve purchased. Simply scan the QR code on top of the robot and begin using features like voice control, compartment locking and unlocking and, and mobile charging as well. The robot is designed for use within the boundaries of a specific shop or mall, and has geofencing capabilities to keep it from working outside of its boundaries.

Shoppal’s makers want to make their robot available for users to rent at select shopping malls, with a proposed price of 30 cents for every 15 minutes of use, while select “VIP” shoppers will get free use of the little locker on wheels.

If you attend this year’s Consumer Electronics Show you can see ShopPal for yourself. I can’t imagine it being very useful in the real world, but it’s a fun idea.

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