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Guy Uses RC Toys To Excavate and Expand Basement

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 30, 2019

Why hire expensive contractors to expand your basement, when you can use RC construction vehicles to do the job? I mean, that’s what I always say. YouTuber LilGiantsConstrCo otherwise known as Joe is an RC hobbyist. He has spent years excavating his basement using nothing but RC construction toys. That’ll stick it to those expensive contractors.

Joe is a grain farmer from southwest Saskatchewan, Canada, and king of toy-based excavation. He started the hobby in 1995 and has amassed a large fleet of construction equipment vehicles. So far he has used the RC truck and excavator to expand his basement by 30 percent, removing around 30 cubic meters (1,059 cubic feet) of dirt. He also used these vehicles to create a walkthrough tunnel that leads from his workshop to the basement of his house too. That’s all pretty impressive. The man has a lot of patience, that’s for sure.

Joe is the co-founder of an RC truck and construction hobbyists forum that is dedicated to the radio controlled heavy commercial hobby. Who knew that these vehicles could actually do the same jobs that their larger scaled counterparts can do? I suppose he could have just grabbed a shovel and had it done in days, but where’s the fun in that?

[via Mike Shouts]