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This Candle Looks and Smells Like a Bowl of Froot Loops

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Written by Conner Flynn | March 20, 2019

Fruit Loops. They’re magically delicious. Wait, that’s not right. They’rrrrrre great! No, that’s not it. Anyway, I don’t have to ask Toucan Sam to follow his nose to this Froot Loops cereal candle, because I can do that myself.

This thing looks like a half-eaten bowl of cereal and smells just like Fruit Loops when you burn it. Jennifer Cox of Nashville’s CandleLit Desserts created this breakfast replica to please your nose and your eyes. She makes all kinds of candles that are realistic and look and smell like desserts and other foods. But this one is for the cereal lover in you.

It even has a real spoon sunk into the faux milk wax. You can check out this candle and many others in her Etsy shop. Pretty cool. Now all I need is some toast candles, some bacon candles, and some OJ candles and my breakfast that I can’t eat a single bite of will be complete.

Anyway, if you like the smell of cereal and you can’t get enough of it in your home, this one’s for you.

[via Geekologie via Laughing Squid]