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This Ping Pong Table Is Made from Crystal and Gold

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Written by Conner Flynn | May 30, 2019

Yo, rich people, check it out. This is the Impatia Lungolinea gold edition table tennis table from Turin, Italy based Adriano Design. Isn’t it luxurious? It is made from crystal glass with 24k gold connecting joints and furthermore, made by “expert Italian goldsmiths.” Ohhhhhh, the Goldsmiths of Tuscany? Yeah, they got money.

It looks cool, but wouldn’t the glass table make the ball bounce differently than a wooden surface? Then again, if you have a glass and gold ping pong table you probably care more about impressing other rich folks than you do about your actual game. The table measures 108″ x 60″ x 30″, and weighs in at a substantial 551-pounds. It will cost you $26,000, which is like buying a pack of gum for rich people.

And honestly, I ask you, how many rich people are playing Ping Pong these days? I’m guessing not many. But now they might since they can buy this sweet table. Get ready for the Billionaire Table Tennis League!

So anyway, you wealthy people can now play ping pong and then smash the table with a diamond-encrusted hammer when you lose. That would be the best part of owning this: Watching it shatter into a million pieces as your opponent stares at you in shock.

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