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NEOPixel RGB LED Tubing Brings the Color

 |  |  |  July 13, 2019

Love the look of neon lighting, but don’t want to deal with the fragility of glass and high voltage transformers? This tubular, flexible lighting can be bent into any shape you want without risk of damage, and a lights up in any color too.

There are lots of LED tube lights out there these days, but what makes the NeoPixel RGB light strip so nifty is the translucent silicone rubber exterior, which acts as a light diffuser. The result is smooth light instead of ugly dots. The strip is filled with 20 each of red, green, and blue LEDs, each clustered together to produce a variety of colors. Each strip measures 1-meter long and requires a 9v to 12v power source, along with NeoPixel WS281x data to tell the LEDs what color and brightness to display.

You can grab the NeoPixel RGB flex light strip from AdaFruit Industries for $34.95. You’ll also need some kind of controller board to put it to use, like the FadeCandy