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LEGO Minifig Battle Machine Concept: Mechafig

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 21, 2019

There are few things more recognizable in the world of toys than a classic LEGO minifig. Sure, we’ve seen them dressed up in all kinds of costumes and color schemes, but at the end of the day, a minifig is a minifig. Though I’ve never seen a minifig like this.

This awesome minifig battle machine concept design comes courtesy of LEGO Ideas contributor Jinhwi Kim, who decided it was time for a new look for the classic red, blue, and yellow minifig. This mech-style figure towers over other minifigs, and features things like giant articulated claws for hands, shoulder-mounted missile launchers, and a cockpit inside its head for a minifig to sit inside of. In other words, it’s simply awesome.

If you’d like to see the minifig battle machine become an actual LEGO kit, show your support by casting a vote at LEGO Ideas today. It takes just a minute of your time, and it’ll help get this amazing idea into production.