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Japan’s In Game Booster Gel Wants to Level Up your Gaming

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 3, 2020

Ready for another marathon gaming session? You might think a highly caffeinated drink like Mountain Dew or Red Bull will help you stay awake and alert, but there’s a company in Japan that thinks that’s wrong. Instead, the guys at Morinaga believe vitamins and other nutrients are the key to a sharp mind, and focus while gaming.

In Game Booster is a gel-based energy supplement that comes in 180 gram (6.3 ounce) ready-to-slurp pouches. The blueberry-flavored jelly inside is offers up 180 calories of sugary energy, along with vitamin A and GABA amino acids. Morinaga claims this combination will help replenish your energy during gaming sessions, and thanks to its jelly texture, it will also make you feel fuller than simply drinking liquid.

I took a moment to translate the label, and it looks like the main ingredients are a fructose-glucose liquid sugar, along with maltodextrin, and real blueberry juice, along with the aforementioned supplements. No caffeine here. Just sugar and vitamins.

The guys over at SoraNews24 recently tested out some of the In Game Booster gel, and thought it was pretty good stuff, at least as jelly drinks go. You can read their full review here. It’s available for purchase from Amazon Japan for ¥1,580 (~$15 USD) for a 6-pack, or ¥9,480 (~$88 USD) for a case of 36.