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Build Your Own Creepy Robot Centipede

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Written by Conner Flynn | July 28, 2020

Are you in need of a creepy robot centipede? Sure, we all are. Well, here ya go. Japanese toy maker Tamiya now sells a wonderfully weird centipede robot construction kit. It’s pretty creepy, and pretty awesome. But just because you can build this thing, should you? Centipedes are icky! The best place for them is the bottom of your boot if you ask me.

The company usually makes RC cars and trucks, plus educational toys, but now they’re making a robot creepy-crawly too. This one is based on a centipede robot created by the Osaka University’s Graduate School of Engineering. It is a nightmare on 18 legs. Believe it or not, a single motor powers all of the parts.

If you live in Japan it will be easy to find. This and a million other creepy robot toys. For those of us in North America, you can find it at Japan Trend Shop or over on eBay.

I say you buy like 50 of these and make a life-size centipede game based on the classic Atari arcade game. I say that mostly because I want to shoot at these things all day as they creep toward me. Then shoot again. And again. Until I get the high score. I will get the high score!

[via Gizmodo]