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Welcome to The Cheetosphere

 |  |  |  September 14, 2020

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve had a tendency to play with my food. I remember cobbling together all kinds of gross concoctions at the table whenever we went out to eat, and occasionally stacking food items like Lincoln Logs to create edible towers. Yet, despite all of my efforts, I never achieved the greatness of The Cheetosphere.

Artist Sam Keller figured out that if you have the properly curved Cheetos, you can assemble them into a nearly perfect orb. It looks like each orange snack covers a 120-degree arc, so gluing three of them together forms a circle. Then by arranging and attaching the Cheeto circles together with other individual Cheetos, you can make a sphere. I’m guessing that a balloon might have been involved here in order to provide an inner form for the structure.

However Sam made it, the Cheetosphere is a true work of art, and belongs in a modern art museum alongside the works of Jeff Koons and other contemporary masters. Heck, he could turn it into a performance art piece, where someone walks into the room and nibbles on the sphere until it’s all gone, while Sam cranks out another masterpiece for the next show.

Sam also made a smaller and simpler Cheetosphere, which I came across thanks to Pee-Wee Herman:

This isn’t the only time Sam created a snack food sculpture. At the same time, he made the Doritosphere

[via Pee-Wee Herman]