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This Miniature Xbox Series X Says “Hold My Drink.”

 |  |  |  |  |  |  April 19, 2021

miniature Xbox Series X 1

Do you not like having your drink can sitting out on your desk? You could get toss your can in your desk drawer, or you could hide it inside of a miniature Xbox Series X. This tiny video game console looks just like the real deal, though it’s designed to hold a drink can instead of playing games. I suppose you could put a Raspberry Pi game system inside of it and use it to play games if you really wanted to.

miniature Xbox Series X 2

Etsy seller QTechV makes this 3D-printed mini-game system, complete with green LED lighting. It’s the right size for one of those 16 oz. energy drink cans, each of which provides enough caffeine to keep a gamer going for 18 minutes. So you’re gonna need to buy a whole lot of these miniature Xboxes if you want to store a day’s worth of energy drinks.