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Electronic Endless Bubble Wrap Popping Device: Goodbye, Stress

 |  |  |  |  August 16, 2021

By hite

Stress: it’s a silent killer. Ninjas too. And what better way to relieve a little stress and anxiety than popping bubble wrap? Introducing the ∞ Bubble Wrap AIR from Bandai (affiliate link), an electronic device that mimics the popping of bubble wrap, with just the right amount of tactile pressure needed to press a bubble, resulting in a satisfying “POP” from the integrated speaker. You know, just ten times louder than regular bubble wrap. WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU.

Not only is the device ten times louder than regular bubble wrap, but at random intervals, it also plays one of seven different sounds upon a successful bubble pop, including a cat meowing and baseball hit. That’s… weird. Of course, we’re talking about an electronic bubble wrap popper, so I guess normal flew out the window a long time ago.

I’m seriously considering buying one. Because one time I was so stressed about work I popped an entire roll of bubble wrap before the employees at the UPS Store were finally able to push me out the door. Now, whenever I need to send a package I have to use FedEx.

[via Sora News 24]