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Combat Wheelchair Miniatures for Tabletop Role-Playing Games

 |  |  |  |  March 17, 2022

By hite

To ensure tabletop role-playing games are inclusive to all, designer Sara Thompson has created a line of Combat Wheelchair miniatures that feature adventurers in wheelchairs. The characters are available as 3D printing files for £5 (~$6.50) or metal or resin models for £15 (~$19.50) in Strata Miniatures’ ‘Dungeons and Diversity’ collection.

The incredibly designed miniatures are available in a variety of different races and classes, including human fighters, bards, druids and monks, half elf wizards and rangers, tiefling warlocks and clerics, elf rogue, dwarf barbarian, dragonborn paladin, gnome artificer, and halfling bard. Sara also makes note in the official rules that the Combat Wheelchair isn’t designed to overpower players with disabilities, but rather make them equally suited for adventure as abled players.

One of the cornerstones of tabletop role-playing games has always been an inclusive environment, and the Combat Wheelchair is a great addition to help ensure that. Now if I could just locate a magical map, maybe I could actually guide my party safely out of this dungeon before we’re all consumed by a gelatinous cube.

[via Nerdist]