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Coffin Office Chairs: Perfect for Your Dead End Job

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 7, 2022

By hite

Presumably created as a powerful social commentary on how we’re killing ourselves at work, these office chairs were designed to resemble coffins. They do not look comfortable. Still, being uncomfortable is a small price to pay for looking cool when you’re attending the annual vampire conference.

I think the chairs are an interesting juxtaposition because dead in the ground or alive in the office are the last two places I ever want to be. These chairs really spoke to me. And they said, ‘Get out from under this horrid fluorescent lighting, go outside, be free!’ And that’s how I just lost my job. Anybody hiring?

My only real complaint is how little armrest there is. I need thick, cushioned armrests, so my arms don’t hurt. I guess these chairs aren’t about cushioning your elbows, though. They’re about reminding you of the fleetingness of life. Every moment is precious; pet your dogs often – that’s what I got out of this.

[via 9gag]