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Star Wars Gonk Droid Beer Cooler IS The Droid I’m Looking For

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | October 20, 2023

Maker of things Wesley Treat is building a Star Wars Gonk droid beer cooler. It’s been years in the making and still not quite finished, but it’s already looking amazing. Constructed almost entirely of wood, the Gonk will be insulated with foam board and have a PVC plastic interior to prevent damage to its exterior, ensuring it can be the life of the party for many years to come in a galaxy very close by. Presumably, this one.

During the build, Wesley has to make some adjustments to his original build plan, including adding metal slippers that extend outward towards the gonk’s rear to prevent it from toppling over backwards when filled with beer. Because the last thing you want is your Gonk falling over at a party. The Jawas would strip that thing clean in minutes!


As far as beer coolers go, this one is pretty amazing. I just use an old Igloo cooler, although it does get the job done. The job being keeping drinks cold at barbecues, just to be clear. Still, it’s not exactly a conversation piece. And it’s not exactly clean on the inside because it does live in the backyard, and sometimes I forget to close the lid for weeks at a time.