Transform Your Morning Routine: 15 Habits for a Healthier Day

A great day starts with an effective morning routine, which prepares us for the challenges ahead. If you start sluggish, you are more likely to need help completing your tasks in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

In contrast, a healthy, lively opening routine gives you a better chance of having an effective day. Whether you have goals to meet at work or tasks to do at home, a healthy morning routine will help you.

Each entry here is effective no matter what your diary looks like. The tips can help everyone aim for a better morning routine and healthier day.

1. Allow More Time

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Even if you don’t incorporate all items on this list, establishing a routine at the start of the day takes time. You may find that an additional half an hour, or possibly more, is needed to accommodate the changes.

Not feeling pressured is essential, so try to get to sleep earlier and reset the alarm accordingly. This allows you to remain calm as you work through the suggestions.

2. Don’t be Alarmed

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The sound of your morning alarm can affect your day. An abrupt noise can be disorienting and cause the disorientation of sleep inertia.

In contrast, research suggests soothing sounds such as birdsong or quiet classical music can help you wake gently and feel refreshed. Introducing your own alarm may be a better option than factory defaults.

3. Avoid the Snooze Button

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It’s tempting to hit the snooze button for five more minutes of sleep, but that temptation can quickly lead to an extra 20 minutes. The additional sleep you gain isn’t adequate because you’re constantly being disturbed by the alarm.

A good tip is to leave your phone or alarm clock away from the bed so you have to get up to switch it off. Avoiding the snooze button also offers more time to implement your new routine.

4. Delay Checking Your Phone

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Our smartphones are packed with information that can over-stimulate the brain. It’s no coincidence that people who wake up and check their phones find it more challenging to get back to sleep.

We may not be able to delay checking our phones for good, but experts recommend postponing those checks for as long as possible. Keep that feeling of relaxation going until checking your phone becomes inevitable.

5. Drink Water

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Hydration is essential throughout the day, and you can give yourself a head start by drinking a full glass of water first. For the best results, head to the kitchen and get fresh water from the tap.

The first boost of hydration in the morning will help you focus and feel more motivated to carry out the remainder of your routine.

6. Enjoy that Morning Coffee

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While some want to avoid caffeine throughout the day, enjoying that morning coffee or tea can also play a vital role in your routine. It’s a pleasurable experience that allows you time to catch up with the family and consider the day ahead.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee can also offer a mental health boost, so avoiding it is unnecessary. Of course, a decaffeinated option is acceptable.

7. Squeeze in a Workout

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We’ve mentioned the benefits of allowing extra time for your new morning routine, and here’s where you’ll earn an advantage. Early exercise can leave you relaxed, feeling calmer, and more optimistic about the day ahead.

It’s not essential to complete a full workout at this point. A brisk walk around the block will be sufficient, or you could start a program of squats, thrusts, or stationary bike riding.

8. Let There Be Light

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Maximize early morning daylight if you don’t have time to get outdoors. Sunlight helps to regulate your body clock, so open the curtains as soon as you get out of bed.

If you have to start your winter commute before dawn, that’s too bad, but you can still take action. Consider a light therapy box that mimics the positive effects of sunlight.

9. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

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The saying is that breakfast is the day’s most important meal, and it’s true. A good breakfast restocks energy levels, provides essential nutrients, and helps you feel more alert in the early morning.

If possible, aim for a healthier breakfast containing fruit and cereal. It’s not only a more beneficial option, but it’s quicker to prepare and gives you more time to tackle the other tasks on this list.

10. Meditation

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If your workout has left you short on time, don’t worry. Meditation routines can be as brief or as long as you wish. A few minutes of focusing on your breathing will be sufficient, or you could listen to an extended session if you have more time to spare.

Meditation is relaxing and can clear your mind of stress and clutter before you address the tasks for the day ahead.

11. Have a Laugh

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You don’t have to wait until the end of the day to do something you enjoy. If you start all these new tasks, there won’t be time to watch your favorite television show, but you can still indulge in something that gives you a lift.

Why not visit YouTube and watch a two-minute video of your favorite comedian? Laughter is great medicine; it can help lift your spirits and set you up for an enjoyable day.

12. Make Lists

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List everything you need to do to get a head start on your day. Listing everything could seem overwhelming, but it’s a morale booster when you start ticking those tasks off as you move through the day.

It’s vital to prioritize and know what’s essential and can’t be postponed for the following day. As long as you remember this point, a list acts as a reminder and offers satisfaction as you work through it.

13. Be Instantly Productive

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Tackling a few household chores doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Even if you begin by just making your bed, you can check one item off your list. If that leaves you feeling inspired, you could move on to loading the dishwasher.

Completing any chore, no matter how small, gives you a sense of accomplishment. You may feel more motivated and ready for a highly productive day.

14. Practice Gratitude

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Whether you believe in visualization or not, being grateful for the day ahead can help you maintain a positive mindset. What are you happy for, and what are you looking forward to over the next 24 hours?

Many recommend journaling as part of a healthy morning routine. You can work this into your daily schedule as you write down everything you’re grateful for.

15. Get Ready to Do It All Again.

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Before you sleep, prepare for another great start to the new day by putting tomorrow’s clothes out and setting a soothing alarm.

A great night’s sleep is the prelude to a productive day, so follow some recommended techniques for a restful few hours and prepare to enjoy another beneficial morning routine.

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