7 Real-Life Ghost Stories That Will Make You a True Believer

Whether or not you believe in the supernatural and the spirit world, some things just can’t be explained. Many people experience strange events they try to explain logically, but after all is said and done, they’re still left feeling confused and scared. Here are seven ghost stories from real people that might turn you into a believer.

1. Mom’s Warning

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A couple was asleep when their bedroom light turned on, and the wife’s mother ran into the room. She shouted at them, “Quick, quick, the baby’s stopped breathing!” They found their baby had turned over, swallowed part of her pillow, and was choking. Once they took care of their daughter, they realized—the wife’s mother had been dead for 12 months.

2. Message Through The Radio

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One morning, a woman was listening to a radio show on her way to work with a guest psychic who was doing live readings for listeners calling in. Although skeptical, she continued to listen and thought of her brother, Matthew, who had died years before. Suddenly, the psychic said, “I’m sorry, I’m getting a really loud voice coming through…does the date July 19 mean anything to you? Someone named Matthew really wants me to tell you that he’s okay and that you should live a happy life.” July 19 was the day her brother died, and she knew her brother had sent her that message.

3. Feline Frustration

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With one elderly cat and a greyhound as pets, a woman would separate them by closing large double doors that kept her cat (Tom) in the dining room while her dog (Dave) stayed in the sitting room. Tom eventually learned that by scratching three times against the doors and sometimes head-butting them, the doors would shake. Then, someone would open them to let him into the sitting room. After Tom died—and was buried in the garden—the woman and her partner both experienced scratching at the closed double doors while no one was in the dining room. With no other explanation, they knew it was Tom and left the double doors open from then on.

4. A Boy And His Car

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A woman reported waking several nights to see a young boy sitting or standing near the end of her bed. As she had a young daughter around the same age, she saw her daughter’s toys moving on their own—especially toy cars. The toy cars never moved in just one direction, which could be explained by the slope on the floor. After learning of the home’s history, around 100 years before, a young boy had died in a house fire when his family had left him alone. The woman believed he returned to their room, looking for his mom and dad.

5. Grandad’s Visit

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After one skeptic’s father suddenly passed away, he and his partner heard their two-year-old daughter talking and laughing on her baby monitor one night. When they went to her room and asked who she was talking to, she said, “Grandad, he was tickling me.” Later, her toy record player turned on even though they had shut it off. This event and other strange electrical occurrences happened around the same time and were “definitely something unexplainable.”

6. Mother Of The Bride

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One woman estranged from her mother—and the rest of the family—never introduced her husband to her mom before she passed away. Months after her death, the husband claimed he saw a woman watching him from the bedroom window. Then, after several months, the wife’s sister sent a framed photograph of their mother. Shocked, the husband confirmed the woman in the photo was the woman he saw in the bedroom window.

7. Life In The Fast Lane

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After a late night shift, one man drove home on back roads with twists and turns, no markers, and dips in the pavement. As he drove uphill, going 60 mph, he felt someone lean into his seat from behind him, resting a hand on his seat above his left shoulder. He even heard someone exhale into his left ear. The driver immediately slowed, just in time to see at the top of the hill, a dip in the road had flooded. If he’d been going 60 mph, then he would’ve driven off the road. Once he returned home, his mother told him she’d had a dream of her deceased father, telling her that her son was in trouble.

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