Imagining Super Mario 64 as a Mixed Reality Game

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Discontent playing the game on a 2D screen, modder llbsidezll used Virtual Desktop’s new passthrough feature to imagine what Super Mario 64 would look like played in mixed reality. If you’re unfamiliar, Virtual Desktop is an app that displays a user’s monitor in 3D virtual space (designed to be viewed with a VR headset), and its passthrough ability allows the viewing of both “real” and virtual elements through the headset, thanks to a front-mounted camera.

Using 3D computer graphics software Blender to place Mario and level sprites in his desk area, llbsidezll can then play the level (consisting of both real-life elements and virtual ones) through a Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headset. Not only can Mario jump on the virtual platforms, but he can also run around on the player’s desk and even climb his computer tower! Or, in my case, get lost in the piles of junk on my desk.

The future of gaming: we’re getting there. Will mixed reality games be all the rage in the coming years? I wouldn’t be surprised. Now they just need to shrink VR headsets to the size of sunglasses so you can play anywhere! Not everyone spends 24 hours a day at home, you know. I mean I definitely do, but not everyone does.

[via TechEBlog]