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Netflix for Xbox 360 Gets Updated

by Conner Flynn

[UPDATE 12/16/11: Given our original positive spin on this update, we thought it appropriate to mention that there’s a ton of dissatisfied users speaking out about missing features, playback issues and a confusing new interface. Scroll down to the comments to join in the discussion.]

Good news for those of you who use your Xbox to watch Netflix. The latest version of Netflix is tucked away in the latest Xbox 360 dashboard update and it has some cool new features.

You’ll find a new user interface that allows for a more streamlined browsing experience and there are up to 3 times as many titles available on screen at once. Users also have access to audio and subtitle settings, ratings, episode selection, and related title suggestions.

There’s also support for voice and gesture control when using Xbox Kinect for browsing and playing, 720p HD and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The Netflix app will be automatically installed when you do the latest Xbox 360 Dashboard update. Netflix on Xbox 360 is now available in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia. Of course, you need both an Xbox Live Gold and Netflix streaming account to take advantage of the updated app.

[via Netflix]

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Comments (28):

  1. Z in LA says:

    The update to Netflix is horrible. It takes longer to scroll through the lists, the fast forward option doesn’t show the screen progression so you know when to stop, and you can’t scroll through episodes of a tv show before you start to watch one. How is this version more streamlined? By adding so many layers of movies that you can’t concentrate on any one?

  2. Update sucks says:

    The new update is horrible thanks to netflix, now the party system is not available to the members if its not fixed by the time of the next payment option im defiantly deleting the account and going to HBO Go or Hulu plus!

  3. Mark says:

    Cut and paste from a Netflix news release and call it a news story? If you had so much as tried it once I doubt your story would have started with “Good news…”

    “Instant play” every time you look at a show’s description is irritating and a waste of bandwidth. It also introduces a problem: If I go to watch episode 3 of “My Favorite Show” and my wife has already watched it, I get to see the start of episode 4, usually starting with ‘previously on…’ Well, there’s a spoiler alert for you.

    FF/Rewind ‘jump’ buttons gone. You can’t quickly get to the beginning or end of a show anymore; you have to ff/rew through it.

    Can’t start a show from the beginning.

    No pause button. Istead, you pull up a menu and then pause. I know, it’s only one more button push, but when the phone rings I want to be able to pasue the show ~now~.

    No more party viewing. Not a big deal for me, but for a lot of people this was a selling point of the Xbox over PS3.

    Menus are overcrowded. Font sizes have been reduced, descriptions almost always have to be scrolled to be read. And I don’t want to see 30 box covers over 3 different categories when I’m looking for something to watch. One category at a time is fine, thanks.

  4. Scott says:

    Netflix is on a roll. It almost seems as if they’re *trying* to lose customers. This new Xbox update is just the latest in buffoon moves.

    • New Xbox platform sucks, Netflix sucks says:

      True, they lately have been exceptionally stupid and counter-intuitive. Very lame setup. Netflix is waiting to be cannibalized by anyone with common sense. New Netflix update for Xbox 360 SUCKS. It is UNINTUITIVE and just a pain in the ass. Needs to hire me to update it. clean it up, have a section for queue, improve the suggested viewing. I wish Pandora did movies.

  5. netflix wth says:

    wtf how do i watch a damn video i can figure out how to start this shit..

    • Technabob says:

      Don’t you just click the “A” button when you’ve highlighted the video you want? With Kinect, you need to keep your hand placed exactly over the video you want to play for several seconds though, which is quite annoying.

    • Nick says:

      Yeah, I know. I just tried to watch a Movie with my Family… And I couldn’t figure out how to start it. I pushed the “A” button… But it just kept me at the Audio/Subtitles screen… Never started the movie. Very disappointed!

      • Buck says:

        Same thing here. I’m hunting all over the net for a solution.
        Hooray for netflix QA! That’s what I call Kuality!

        • Josh says:

          Me too! Does anyone know how to do this? I push the “A” button over the highlighted movie and up pops the Sub-title and “rate this movie” option with a picture from a scene from a movie. I’ve clicked every button on my remote to try to get it to start, and nothing happens! HELP!

  6. Quibbz says:

    Hey i am having a problem ever since the dashboard update… every time i go to launch Netflix. i just get the red screen that reads, “NetFlix” and it doesn’t actually boot up… does anyone have a solution for this? thank you

    • Sabo says:

      I have the same problem. It’s been ongoing ever since the update. So FRUSTRATED. I have to watch Neflix on my PS3. Not liking this update at all :(

  7. Morrigan says:

    What they did to Netflix is atrocious. No more “Recently Watched” selection, the fast forward and rewind functions are terrible to use, and instead of streaming smoothly (as it did before the updated app.) it pulls up the little circle to get you to what percentage of that show you’re at. Everything instantly starts (annoying) and finding episodes is harder. The descriptions of shows and movies is worse and they’ve taken away the skip forward and skip back options. Menus are overcrowded and with the Instant Play, you can’t even check something out without it starting. Also, what’s up with the random cut-scene when you hover over a title? Horrendous to look at!

    Whoever came up with this update? It’s made Netflix worse. Seriously, those people are MORONS. You don’t take something good and fill it with ads, crap, and make the functions harder and less accessible for the user. I’m going to try to upload the old version of Netflix, this is a pile of steaming garbage.

  8. Dissappointed says:

    I hate this update and everything about it. I’m giving it time to grow on me but it just seems like each time I use it I hate it more. I like the simplicity of the xbox Netflix before. Plus I can’t figure out how to start my video. Can anyone help?

  9. Sid says:

    I can’t stand the new layout. I loved the old layout. Not to mention I called netflix support. They seen I was getting faster streaming speeds with the old app. between 3 to 5 mb/s. I’m barely getting 1 mb/s now. Netflix and xbox blame it on my end. When I reverted back to the old app for a day or two. re-called netflix and the guy then said its a problem with the new app and I was back to 3/5 mb/s. I tried the new app. I doesn’t appeal to me one bit. Call netflix and ask for the option/choice to use the old app again. As Netflix only takes feedback from calling them these days.

  10. upset says:

    I never EVER comment on boards like this, but I can only hope that all the negative postings don’t fall on deaf ears. We HATE this update. Anyone else find that at the end of any 43 min episode of any TV show the picture in picture with options comes up ruining the experience of whatever you were watching? Horrible. I think it is supposed to time to pop up when the credits roll, but it comes 5-6 mins early each time.

    • kristina says:

      Yes, agreed. The picture in picture should not pop up EVEN during credits. It’s easy enough for us to chose not to read them.

  11. Technabob says:

    For now, I’ve personally given up on Netflix on my Xbox 360, and have switched to my Boxee Box, PS3 and iPad, since all three versions seem to be in better shape than this new Xbox revision. Hopefully, Netflix is hearing your guys feedback and considering making changes in their next release.

  12. morganskye says:

    I won’t rehash what’s been said. I agree with it all (esp the lack of chapter FF, restart, and episode issues). I think the only way they can make everyone happy is to offer the new version AND the previous one. At least then they’ll feel like someone likes what they’ve done…

    Also, what was up with the button remapping?! It made no sense!!

  13. L says:

    Agree with the other dissatisfied users; the upgrade is ugly, tacky, and definitely *not* streamlined or user friendly. Absolutely hate it.

  14. Jaylo says:

    Absolutely terrible. Netflix really screwed up and made it very difficult to use. Please go back to the old interface. It’s so bad I’m considering switching to a Netflix competitor.

  15. Joe says:

    I had to cancel, the fast forward and rewind were just too broken for me to take it anymore. I liked how you could see the frames you were fast forwarding or rewinding into on the old version- the new one is useless. Called support and they (including a manager) were clueless. Clueless sorta describes Netflix as a whole at this point in my book. It is as if the designer of this new downgrade had .never. used Netflix on an Xbox before, and probably had never used an Xbox. But, yes, I actually unsubscribed.

  16. tom says:

    Mine doesent work it just shows the pic and sits there plz help

  17. kristina says:

    Not that this comment will change anything, but I find it infuriating that the credits on Netflix streaming through Xbox immediately shrink. How insulting to all of the people listed in the credits and at least give us the option of opting out of reading them. Some of us dorks like to read the credits! Insulting.

  18. bullock says:

    I got on netflix last night and it updated. Then it won’t let me what netflix until I joined xbox live. Then I was able to watch. in the past prior to this update I was ok and didn’t need xbox live. Any one know why you need to join xbox live now which is a monthly fee

  19. Frank says:

    I just googled why I can’t restart without rewinding because I thought maybe it was just me and that I was overlooking something.

    This is absolutely ridiculous.

    I’m rewatching shows that i’ve already seen and now I have to rewind every single episode?

    What on earth were they thinking?

    Is this just an Xbox thing? I have a Netflix capable Blu-ray player, but it’s not connected to the internet. I’m wondering if I switch over…..is it a different format?

  20. Greg says:

    Everything sucks now…the dashboard and especially netflix. I literally couldn’t fast forward past a nasty scene and ended up throwing the controller. Back to playstation.

  21. jarjarbinks says:

    It’s March and they still haven’t fixed it. I thought updates were supposed to make things work better, not worse. Buggy as hell.

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