15 U.S. Destinations You Won’t Get Bored Visiting After a Week

Not every destination offers the same level of interest as others. Some are great for a weekend getaway with friends or a day trip as you pass through the area. On the other hand, some spots call for a long trip. If you’ve got a week to spare and you’re hit with the travel bug, check out these destinations.

1. Washington, D.C.

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If you’re a fan of museums and historical landmarks, look no further than our nation’s capital. With over 75 historical sites, you can find something new to do every day during a week in D.C. The Smithsonian Institute (and its over 20 museums and galleries) alone will keep you busy.

2. The Pacific Northwest

Portland, Oregon
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This region in the northern part of the West Coast is a nature lover’s dream. You can take a road trip throughout Washington, Oregon, and parts of Idaho and Montana to waterfalls, reserves, and camping grounds. To make the most of your trip, you may need more than one week.

3. Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone spans three states (Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana) and has over 3,000 square miles of canyons, lakes, mountains, and rivers. Visitors make the trip to see the Old Faithful geyser and the beautifully colorful Morning Glory Pool part of the Upper Geyser Basin.

4. Boston, Massachusetts

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As a critical hub for much of America’s early years, history buffs will get their fill of museums and landmarks that could take well over one week to visit. Don’t forget to walk the Freedom Trail to learn more about the city’s history. Visitors also appreciate the city’s convenient public transportation, making it a great place to explore without a rental car.

5. The Great Lakes

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Although part of the Great Lakes region falls into Canada, the American side still has plenty to offer. A road trip around the Lakes will include stops in quiet little towns, lookouts by lighthouses, and days out on the water during summer.

6. New York City, New York

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New York City is a tourist town, but if you don’t mind the crowds and expense, you’ll never have a dull moment. Besides Central Park and Broadway, there are hundreds of hole-in-the-wall restaurants, unique museums, and significant sites throughout the city.

7. Joshua Tree National Park, California

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In the vast desert east of Los Angeles, Joshua Tree offers tons of outdoor activities. With over 300 miles of hiking trails, rock climbing spots, and horseback riding, one week will go by in a flash. You can even join ranger-led special events to learn more about the park.

8. Chicago, Illinois

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This city on Lake Michigan is chock-full of activities to keep you busy. Second City, the Navy Pier, and the Magic Lounge are must-see venues. It’s relatively easy to walk around Chicago or take public transit, plus it’s a great destination for families who need parks and playgrounds for the kids to enjoy.

9. Sedona, Arizona

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If you’re passing through Arizona, stop in Sedona for some truly wonderful outdoor adventures. The desert’s red rocks are on full display across the canyon. You can see them by hiking on foot, through bus tours, or even by railroad. This small town with minimal nighttime ambient light also provides clear skies for stargazing.

10. Pacific Coast Highway, California

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The highway winds more than 600 miles along the California coast, and it should be on your road trip bucket list. Start north in Leggett in Mendocino County and travel south to Dana Point in Orange County. There are hundreds of stops along the way, from wineries in Napa to whale watching in San Diego.

11. Utah National Parks

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There are five National Parks in Utah, nicknamed the “Mighty 5.” Park hop while road-tripping across the state and enjoy endless hiking trails, stunning canyons, and monuments. If you want to spend more than one day in each park, you’ll need more than a week (thanks to travel time) to make the most of your trip.

12. Portland, Oregon

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When you visit Portland, you’ll get a balance of outdoor adventure plus indoor fun. Spend half a week venturing to the Columbia River Gorge or Mount Hood. Spend the other half exploring museums and top-rated restaurants downtown or throughout the surrounding suburbs. You’ll get the best of both worlds in the City of Roses.

13. Charleston, South Carolina

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This charming city is a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With dozens of historical sites along with public gardens and walking tours, visitors enjoy several days of exploring the city. The weather also makes traveling to Charleston a great option almost any time of the year.

14. Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

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Did you know Disney World is five times bigger than its older brother, Disneyland? It makes sense. The resort includes four separate parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Exploring just one or two of the parks alone requires a full week (if not longer) to enjoy all they have to offer.

15. Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska
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Listing an entire state might seem like a bit much, but with Alaska being the largest state in area, there’s a lot of ground to cover — literally. The Alaskan wilderness is home to wildlife and terrain unique unto itself. You won’t experience another place like it. But if you’re unfamiliar with traveling to the more remote places, we recommend joining a tour or working with guides to ensure everyone’s safety.


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