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Auto Sensing Coasters Keep the Drinks Coming

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 7, 2007

Here’s an ingenius little invention for all you boozehounds out there. Imagine if you will, sitting at your neighborhood watering hole, when the bartender sees a little flashing light out of the corner of his eye and just knows it’s time to refill your cocktail.

Sentilla Drink Coaster

That’s just what these coasters do. Simply set one under your glass, and when your drink is nearly empty, it’ll get to blinking, alerting the bartender that it’s time for another shot.

The geeks over at Sentilla created these LED loaded electronic coasters that can automatically judge when there’s a drink on top of them, or if your glass is nearly out. Each one features an embedded mini-computer, running a custom Java application which handles all the smarts.

According to the guys who built them, the coasters can even communicate wirelessly with one another, so they even could be used for interactive tabletop games.

About the only thing they won’t do is tell you whether your glass is half empty or half full. You’ll have to figure that out for yourself.

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