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My Touch Keys Adds Tactile Feedback to iPhone, Sorta.

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  March 25, 2008

Do you love the iPhone, but struggle with the smooth on-screen keyboard? Personally, I’ve found it pretty easy to use, but the touchscreen definitely doesn’t offer the touch-typing feedback that you get with physical keys. This new, low cost screen overlay for the iPhone claims to provide tactile cues to your fingertips to help them find their way.

My Touch Keys Tactile Overlay for iPhone

My Touch Keys is a overlay that sits on your iPhone’s screen and has cutouts which line up with the location of the on-screen keyboard (portrait mode only). The static-cling sheets use their subtle divots to give you feedback on the location of the keys, even if you’re not looking at the screen.

I’d be concerned that the ridges on the film might get in the way of other, non-keyboarding activities, but the makers claim that you can still use the screen without interference. At just $7.99 a pair (including shipping), it’s not too much of a gamble, so if you have any desire to improve your iPhone typing accuracy and speed, you can grab one here.

[via Phonemag via Ubergizmo]