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Chocolatize Your iPhone With the Homade Chococase

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Written by Karen M. | June 10, 2008

The Homade ChocoCase is an iPhone case that looks like a scrumptious chocolate bar… but is in fact a silicone cover with a screen protector!

Homade ChocoCase

This would be a good conversation starter (examples: “How do you keep a candy bar in your pocket without it melting?” or “Excuse me, my Valrhona is vibrating.”) But the raised rectangle design looks like it adds a fair amount of bulk to the iPhone- and we all know that iPhones are pretty ginormous as it is, and that they take up more than their share of pants-pocket realty already.

Homade ChocoCase

It looks like the ChocoCase is made for old-skool (as of yesterday) 1.0 iPhones and probably won’t fit correctly on the upcoming 3G version, which is going to be more rounded and a tiny bit thinner. Nonetheless if you’re planning on sticking with your iPhone Classic, you love silicone chocolate, and you want to have an even more deformed pocket silhouette than you already do, then you can pick up this case for $29.99 from gizfever. You get the nifty box with a screen protector and brown silicone iPhone case.