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Soft and Snuggly Sound: DIY Stuffed Animal Headphones

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  July 11, 2008

Instructables contributors never cease to amaze me with the wonders they conceptualize and create. We may have reached the craftastic zenith with these DIY stuffed animal headphones. I myself have never felt the urge for my ears to cuddle up with my headphones, but maybe I’m missing out.

stuffed animal headphones

The project was posted by the aptly named Wurlitzergirl (who presumably cranks old-timey organ music through those those cuddly koala bears.) She says that all you need is one pair of cheap headphones, two stuffed animals (preferably the type with a seam up its back,) a seam ripper, needle and thread, and some quality music- and she claims you can make ’em in only 10 minutes. Not too tough. Of course, this is all assuming you want to have the Princess Leia-style look in which the cinnamon bun thingies are replaced with rather large plush animals. Which you probably don’t. Still, A+ for creativity and for having the cojones to wear this out in public.

On another note: do you think all that stuffing and fuzz has noise-canceling properties?

Peep the project at Instructables.