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Rear View Mirror Tvs Say to Hell With Other Drivers

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 2, 2008

When you’re driving down the road, why should you have to worry about those pesky cars behind you? Thanks to this alarming new trend on its way over from China, rear view mirrors will soon do away with the irritation of constantly checking for other cars behind your vehicle, and instead let you focus on more pressing tasks, like watching television or dialing the phone.

rear view mirror lcd tv

Models range from a basic LCD monitor for checking out the latest episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!, to advanced touchscreen versions with Bluetooth integration for your dialing your “hands-free” phone. And while some models do offer integration with backup cameras so you can see what’s behind you when heading in reverse, and most act as a mirror when turned off, why the heck would you buy one of these unless you planned on having it turned on most of the time?

rear view mirror lcd touchscreen bluetooth

The scary thing is that we’re not just talking about some one-off technology here. If you check out the CnBuyNet Chinese import website, you’ll find an entire page of these things ranging in price from about $50 to $100 USD. Gee, I can’t wait to see these in every car in my neighborhood.

I was riding in a car with someone the other day who insisted on texting on his Blackberry the whole time, and I thought I was gonna end up in a fiery wreck. Why do we constantly feel the need to give drivers one more reason to do anything but pay attention to the road?