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Robots + Classical Music + Horror = Robotic Piano Hand

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 8, 2009

I think Gomez and Morticia should get this robotic hand piano to keep Thing company. Like Thing, the robotic hand piano doesn’t talk. Actually it can’t talk. Anyway, although it can’t talk, it can play classical music. And by play I mean two things: audio playback of its built-in classical piano music, and air piano, meaning its fingers move in sync with the music, as if it was playing on a piano.

robotic piano hand

After seeing¬†white bread wrist rests I’ve learned not to question the motivation behind the creation of some things, so as to prevent bits of my brain from trickling down my nose. Sanity and rationale are rarely welcome here.

robotic piano hand

As you can see it’s encased in clear plastic so you can see its innards.¬†If I ever encounter this hand in a dark place I’m going to drop dead out of sheer shock. Even if it’s playing Happy Birthday on a toy piano. Especially if it’s playing Happy Birthday on a toy piano.

You can buy it at for $13 USD. I wish it could also play this.

via [Random Good Stuff]