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Dell Deal: Buy an Xps Desktop, Get the Mini 9 for $99

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  March 5, 2009

If you’ve been planning on buying both a desktop PC and a netbook, you might want to check out Dell’s Studio XPS deal: if you purchase the $1, 380 USD Studio XPS desktop, Dell will give you the option to get their Mini 9 netbook for only $99 USD. I’m guessing that that’s the lower spec’d Mini 9, the $319 USD version. That’s a $220 savings right there. Of course you have to shell out $1,380 first before you can save $220.


The image above is obviously not realistic, but it looks funny so I made it that way. The Mini 9 is actually much smaller. I’m kidding. The $1,380 XPS Studio is equipped with the latest processor from Intel, a 2.66 GHz i7 processor with 8MB cache. The desktop also comes with a 24-inch flat panel monitor, 6Gb DDR3 SDRAM, a 7200RPM 750Gb hard disk, an ATI Radeon HD 4670 video card with 512Mb memory, an integrated 7.1 channel sound card, and two DVD drives, one 16x read-only and another drive that has a 16x DVD+/-RW with double layer write capability.


As you can see in the image above, the $99 Mini 9 that is tied to a purchase of the XPS desktop comes with Ubuntu; you have to add $50 to get a Mini 9 with Windows XP.

The Mini 9 is a classic netbook: tiny, light and weak. Again I don’t know if the Mini 9 in question is the $319 or the $399 Mini 9, but both versions only differ in the amount of memory and hard drive space. The $319 Mini 9 only has 512Mb of RAM and an 8Gb SSDĀ  hard drive, whereas the $399 version is equipped with 1Gb of RAM and a 16Gb SSD hard drive. Both versions have an 8.9″ LED display, are powered by a 1.66Ghz/533Mhz FSB with 512k cache Intel Atom processor, Intel GMA 950 for video and a 4 cell battery for mobile computing.

If you want to find out more about the Mini 9, you can read Notebook Review’s early look at the netbook. The XPS Studio’s specs and more can also be viewed at Dell’s online store.