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Metal NES Controllers Look Like Artifacts From Our Gaming Past

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 14, 2009

As though the original NES controllers didn’t look great enough on their own–you’ve gotta love that sleek, simple design, if only for the nostalgia value–someone’s gone and turned them into bonafide art.

nintendo nes controller bronze aluminum

These bronze and aluminum NES controllers were both cast using max models and silicone molds, and then the bronze replicas were aged to give them a unique look. Now all that’s left is for someone to bury those in the back yard and leave ’em for future generations to discover.

Creator Kenneth Botsford Jr. indicated that he “still at least own the aluminum ones,” which means someone either bought the bronze casts (I would!) or received a really fantastic gift. Either way, lucky them.

[Metal NES controllers via Sprite Stitch]