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Breakdancing R/C Car Arrives Just in Time for Nobody to Care About Breakdancing

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Written by Paul Strauss | April 14, 2009

I’ve been waiting all my life for the day that somebody came up with a gadget that would finally combine my passions for radio-controlled race cars and breakdancing. That day has finally arrived.


You can certainly drive this R/C car around the floor just like any other, but the real fun kicks in when you kick it into Breakin’ II Electric Boogaloo mode. While the Twister Edition Stunt R/C car can’t pop-and-lock or do The Robot, it definitely can do head spins, windmills and even The Worm. A unique spinning joint system lets the car perform all sorts of crazy stunts using the included wireless remote-control.


As it spins and rolls along your floor, the car offers up an LED lightshow that’s nothing short of a nighttime drive down the Vegas strip and downtown Osaka rolled into one. The car works on just about any surface, and can even handle itself on bumpy outdoor roads when it’s not doing a dance routine.


The pictures above give you a pretty good sense of how flexible this vehicle is, but to really understand its B-Boy moves, you’ll need to watch this video of the car in action:


If your name happens to be Boogaloo Shrimp or Shabba-Doo, you can pick one of these up over at Chinavasion for just $10.09 (USD) – cheaper than a breakdance mat unless you happen to make yours out of cardboard refrigerator boxes.