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Psp-5000?: Ultmost Technology’S 42″ LCD Tv Sure Doesn’T Look That Portable

 |  |  |  |  |  |  April 21, 2009

Taiwan-based Ultmost Technology makes all sorts of gadgets, from talking tire gauges to automatic Muslim prayer watches. But they also have A/V equipment, like the Fuss LC-4212 B 42″ LCD TV. Perhaps because there are already hundreds of LCD TVs out in the market, Ultmost Technology tried to make their product stand out. They kinda succeeded, except that the TV reminds me of a Sony product.


Looks like a not-so-portable Playstation Portable to me. The PS 3’s XMB adds to the TV’s resemblance to the PSP, since both devices use the same interface. A few buttons here and there and Ultmost will have a lawsuit in their hands.


The TV is currently on display at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. No word on specs and pricing yet, not even at Ultmost Technology’s website, so we’re not sure if it plays PSP games. You never know.

[via tv snob]