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Portable HDTV Antenna: Powerq Powerhd-100 Packs a Punch in a Portable Package

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  May 11, 2009

If you’ve put off getting ready for the final analog to digital television transition, and don’t want to bother with cable or satellite, your only choice is over-the-air digital TV. This sub-compact antenna is designed to help ease the transition without cluttering your tabletop with a giant antenna.


PowerQ’s PowerHD-100 antenna is only 6.5″ wide, but delivers strong digital signal reception despite it’s size. PowerQ claims their compact powered antenna can grab OTA HDTV and SDTV digital signals from as far as 60 miles away.


Measuring just 6.5″(w) x 2.2″(d) x 1.5″(h), the minuscule antenna is small enough to throw in your backpack or briefcase. And since it can run off of USB or battery power, it’s the perfect companion for laptops with digital TV tuners built-in or those add-on USB ATSC tuner sticks.

You can find the PowerHD-100 antenna over at Amazon for $49.99 (USD).