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Motifo Fridge Magnets: Pop Art in Pixels

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Written by Paul Strauss | June 27, 2009

Why just put a couple of magnets on the front of your refrigerator when you can cover the entire thing with ’em?


These mosaic magnets from Australia’s Motifo let you build complicated pixel art creations all over the front of your fridge.


Each pack of Motifo magnets ($79 to $99 USD) comes with nearly 1300 1-inch square magnets, along with diagrams to create numerous images on the face of your fridge. Motifo has put together pixel maps for a variety of celebrities, pop culture icons, and other patterns you can create on your refrigerator door. Each set can make any of the designs shown on their website, but the color scheme will depend on the kit you buy.


At the moment, both GNR8 and Motifo are sold out of these pixel magnets, but hopefully they’ll restock soon. If you poke around a little bit, you might be able to find a set at Australia’s Pulp Creative Paper.