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Parajet Skycar Now Available for Pre-Order, Governments May Need to Prepare Driving-Flying Licences

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  July 26, 2009

Why have I not read about this before? The ParaJet SkyCar, invented by Giles Cardozo, is the world’s first street legal FLYING CAR.


As in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flying Car, except that it uses a nylon “Paramenia Reflex” wing to control its flight. The car is able to fly thanks to its gigantic back-mounted propeller, kinda like Thunder in Thunder in Paradise, except that it’s a car and not a boat. Why is it that I forget a lot of the things that my girlfriend and I talk about, and yet I have neurons to spare to remember Thunder in Paradise? Dammit.


The SkyCar’s capabilities were put to the test earlier this year when Neil Laughton, who I bet has 4 sets of balls, rode/flew the SkyCar from London to Timbuktu in India, a 5,000-mi journey. On the road, the SkyCar can go up to 140 mph. In the air the SkyCar has a take off range of about 490 ft, a cruising speed of 82 mph and a maximum altitude of 15,ooo ft. Here’s CNN’s coverage of the SkyCar prior to Laughton’s epic journey:

And now, thanks to ParaJet, any ordinary citizen on the planet can own a flying car, as long as that citizen has $82, 165 (USD) (£50,000) to spare. Check out ParaJet’s website for more details or to pre-order.  A flying car. WOW.

[via LikeCool]