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Wire Pod Extension Cord: Functional Art, Refreshing Design, Luxury Price

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Written by Lambert Varias | September 22, 2009

Designed by Joris Laarman, Artecnica’s Wire Pod manages to avoid the messy tangle of wires that we’ve come to expect from an extension cord while actually adding style to a space. This is one power cord that you won’t want to hide even if it’s not being used.


As you can see the main three-pronged plug branches out into 4  graceful curls, each with a three-pronged socket at the end.


Looking at it, I marveled at the imagination and playfulness of Laarman, that while most of us could use power cords without even considering how tacky it looks, Laarman metaphorically spat in the face of tastelessness, probably metaphorically wiped his chin with silk, and then literally revolutionized the gadget, giving it the beauty that it deserves, so that I couldn’t help but think, “This will surely be one overpriced bundle of wires.”


And my god I was right. Oh was I ever right: the Wire Pod sells for $330 (USD) at Zwello. My scratched and dented secondhand gadgets do not deserve to receive electricity from the Wire Pod. And from the looks of it, even the last-gen Macbook Pro in the pictures offended the sensibilities of the Wire Pod.

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