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Cutie Cthulhu for Cool Cult Kiddies

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 1, 2009

Some babies are just hipper than others. You can tell by their expensive t-shirts and awesome accessories. It’s not any baby who can rock a cushy Cthulhu play blanket, you know?

cthulhu baby blanket crochet

Craftster FicklePegasus has turned an office joke into a handmade gift fit for only the coolest of babies: a soft and cuddly Cthulhu, complete with tentacular arms of love that can hold toys to engage tykes. The intended baby hasn’t even arrived yet and already he has cooler stuff than I do.

FicklePegasus looked at existing Cthulhu crafts and drew inspiration from several patterns for the final product. Here’s guessing it’ll be the most unique gift that kid receives over the next ten years. It’s all downhill from here, kiddo.

[Cthulhu blanket via Geek Crafts]