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River City Dodge Ball All-Stars?!

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Written by Alisha K. | October 15, 2009

This remake really just ought to be called A Game You Will Want to Play, So Download it for Your System of Choice Now, Dude. River City Dodge Ball All-Stars is a take on the classic Super Dodge Ball, the game that’s all about knocking your pompadoured opponents the heck out.


The graphics have been slightly upgraded for this version, but not at the cost of the game’s old school charm, which would have been a travesty. River City Dodge Ball All-Stars is designed for Windows–but it’s also available as an Xbox Live Indie title, under the much-less cool name Downtown Smash Dodgeball.


The original Super Dodge Ball is also available through the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console service for a mere 500 Nintendo points ($5), for all the purists out there… but if you’re a fan of Kunio-kun, you probably already knew that, and may actually be playing it right now.

[via Indie Games]