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Xb Elegant Edition Casemod: the Xbox 360 Gets Boxy

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 24, 2009

The guys over at the AcidMods forums recently spotted this dramatic redesign of the Xbox 360 and immediately speculated that it must be an act of clever Photoshoppery. And I’m happy to tell you, this puppy is for reals. (Read on for proof).


Designed by Sweden’s Industri Repro, the XBEE (XB Elegant Edition) offers a complete retrofit for the look of the Xbox 360, putting its guts inside a streamlined rectangular box that would look great in any media room equipment rack alongside your schmancy A/V components.


Each case can have up to three 120mm fans to ensure your 360 always shows off its green ring of life. And if any of you are still doubting that this is a real thing…


Sure, it’s not quite as cool looking in the real world as in the carefully staged product photo, but is anything ever? Also, it’s a bit larger than I would prefer. The builders claim they built it that way so they could fit the full-size DVD player, while still centering it in the case. The extra space inside should help with cooling too.


There’s no word if and when you’ll be able to buy an XB Elegant Edition case for yourself, but Industri Repro says it started production back in August 2009. More pics and a details can be found over at xbox-scene.  In the mean time, if you want to build your own, here’s what they have to say:

“If you want to build your own XBEE u need: Aluminum plates 25mm x 598mm x 100mm and 2mm x 568mm x 300mm and a working xbox360. Buy a press brake, laser punch machine and a CNC-Milling machine and a Anodization plant. Hire a bunch of efficient guys that know how to use the machines and it’s done!”

Simple enough, eh? For more info on the XB Elegant Edition, you can e-mail the Industri Repro guys here.