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My Little Colossus is Too Cute to be Slain

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Written by Lambert Varias | December 24, 2009

Until recently, I wasn’t aware that there’s a diabolically awesome trend that involves customizing My Little Pony figures, like this horrifying L4D Hunter Pony. Shame on me. Time to catch up! deviantART member Blondeyetti took a pony, applied some “Sculpey, stone effect spray paint, acrylics and “burnt grass” flocking” to come up with a seventeeth being for Wander to defeat.

my little pony shadow of the colossus customization

And just like the other colossi, this equine monster has a body part that Wander can exploit – the grass or moss on its rear legs will provide the Shadow of the Colossus hero with a means of clambering up its body so that he can repeatedly stab its weak point. Or, you know, he can just crush this tiny threat under his feet. This thing is what, 5 inches tall?

[via hawtymcbloggy]