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Ring With Uncut Rough Diamonds Still as Pricey as the Shiny Ones

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 3, 2010

From the makers of the bulletproof pocket square comes r¿ng, a white gold band with three interchangeable rough diamonds, each with a different color. One of them looks like a lump of coal, but overall this is a unique, eye-catching and refreshing take on jewelry.


Each stone is set on a custom-made claw and can be screwed on and off the band, so even though the set is very pricey, you’re practically getting three unique rings in one. Your wives wife will freakin’ love you if you get them this.

r¿ng 2

Props to the product page writers for their playful but accurate take on how the ring will be used: “So now, she chooses which stone to wear – one for work and one for stares.  One for evenings and one for mournings [sic]. One for what ever she cares.”

Prospective buyers will be glad to know that the diamonds come from legitimate sources and are conflict-free. Unfortunately they’re really expensive. Contact Sruli Recht via e-mail with the subject “r¿ng enquiry” and be prepared to pay €3530 (approx. $5,060 USD) to order. And here I was thinking that the money saved from not having to polish and cut the diamonds would lower the cost of the thing.

[via Josh Spear]