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Modder Crams iPhone Into Game Boy Advance

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 20, 2010

No, you aren’t hallucinating. A Japanese modder managed to cram an iPhone into a Game Boy Advance – and I kind of like it, albeit in a sort of retro kind of way.

game boy nintendo iphone

This is the perfect combination for someone who loves their iPhone as much as playing their Game Boy.

I can’t really tell if this mod is clever or stupid. One thing is for sure: the guy who made it sure loves his Game Boy. I guess this is some kind of tribute to the GBA, even though it seems a shame to burden your sleek new iPhone with a clunky Game Boy case.

game boy nintendo iphone

But wait, there’s more! the ‘B’ button on the GBA activates the iPhone’s home button, thanks to its convenient, yet coincidental placement.

game boy nintendo iphone

[via Ohgizmo]