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Hp Offers Up New Digital Cameras That Are Shockingly Mediocre

 |  |  |  |  February 22, 2010

The thing with being at the top is that you often don’t take any chances. What that really means is that the top dog in many markets can make some of the most boring products known to geekdom. Take HP for instance, it is the top PC seller in the world, but have you ever heard anybody go – sweet an HP notebook! Didn’t think so.

HP Digital Cameras

When you say HP we immediately think about notebooks, but the company makes all sorts of other products like printers with ink cartridges costing more than the printer and a line of cameras. HP has unveiled new cameras at PMA 2010. The cameras include the CW450t, PW460t, SW540, and PW550z. HP unveiled some digital camcorders called the V5061u, V5560u, and the V1020h.

The CW450t and the PW460t are touchscreen digital cameras with 2.7-inch and 3-inch LCDs respectively. Both offer 4x digital zoom and store images to SDHC cards. Pricing is $109 for the CW450t and PW460t for $149. The SW450 is a 2.7-inch LCD camera with 4x optical zoom priced at $129. The PW550z has 5x optical zoom and a 2.7-inch LCD priced at $149. The camcorders include the 1080p V5601u and V5560u. The V5560u has 5x optical zoom and sells for $199 with the V5061u going for $169. All these cams and camcorders will ship this spring. The V1020h camcorder records in 720p, has a built-in USB connector for $109, and will ship this summer. It sort of seems like the HP 2010 line is circa 2008, but at least they are all rather cheap.